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Wee Wedding Details

Wee Wedding Details

Eleven Six Films Wedding Info / Details

Ooh exciting. It’s nearly time for your big day!
This page has the form with all the details we need for your film and some important info about your film and how we work on the day.
Click the headings below to read the info and then you can scroll down to fill out the form.
Get in touch if you want to chat about anything else. If you need to get a hold of us on the day the best number is 07545353490.

On the day

We’ll arrive at your ceremony venue around an hour before your ceremony to get all set up and get some shots of the venue etc.

If you’ve booked bride / groom prep, we’ll let you know timings for this once we get your form over.

We have a super relaxed filming style and will basically come and hang out with you for the day and capture your wedding as we go along.

A few days after your wedding, we’ll email you a link to our editing queue so you can see keep track of when your film will be on editing.

Your Film / Package

We’ll edit your full day into a super creative film in our signature style. The length of our final film depends on your package.

All the details of the package you have booked and any extras you have added will be on your invoice. (Your package & extras can’t be changed after the wedding)

We don’t film any part of  the day in full as standard and will just take little shots throughout they day. Full edits of things such as ceremony / speeches / first dance etc can be added as extras, but these must be added BEFORE the wedding or we won’t film them in full.

Click here to see our extras.

Your Trailer

All our packages include a little 20-30 sec online trailer which is usually ready within 7 days of your wedding (unless we are out of the office after your wedding).

We will share it on our Facebook/ Instagram (and sometimes our website / other social media) and will let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Ceremony Audio

For your vows, we have a little recorder which we usually pop in the groom’s inside jacket pocket. Please let us know if the groom doesn’t have an inside pocket in his jacket.

We will also usually put a small recorder on the officiant taking your ceremony. Please can you mention this to them in advance and let us know if they aren’t ok with it. 

Surprises / Special Requirements

If you can think of anything you think we should know that’s not on the form, pop it in the “special requirements” box or drop us an e-mail.

Any surprises? Sometimes guests will book a surprise for the couple and forget to tell us about it. Please make sure the bridal party & guests have access to our details so they can let us know in advance if there will be any surprises.

Couple Shoot

We love to get awesome shots of our couples together and feel it makes a huge difference to your finished film.

We will come along when you are getting your couple shoot with your photographer and usually we are able to get some great shots during this time, but we don’t always get everything we need.

If we think it we need some more couple shots (depending on time, locations and weather) we might steal you for 5 – 10 mins (of course your photographer is welcome to come along too).

Don’t worry, we are absolutely not in to anything too cheesy or posed.

We don’t usually need to do a separate shoot with you, but we’ve added the question on the form we know if you would be up for a bit of exploring in case we spot a cool location or some funky light.

Final Balance Payment

Your final balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding by bank transfer. All the details are on your invoice.

Wedding Details Form

Please give us as much info as possible and make sure to include any requests or requirements you have, even if you have told us about them previously. 
We will use the info on this form only for all the details we need when filming and editing your wedding. 
We know all wee weddings and elopements are different so just pop N/A if the question doesn’t apply to you. If you are not sure of any details please give a rough estimate.
If anything changes after you’ve filled out the form. drop us an email asap at

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