About Eleven Six Alternative Wedding Films Scotland & Beyond

We are a, slightly crazy, young husband and wife wedding film making cheap jerseys duo from sunny Scotland. We have great fun watching movies, binge watching TV shows on Netflix and and chilling out cheap nhl jersey China with our fur babies while enjoying a wee bit too much coffee, Japanese food and beer.

Film making is our passion and we consider ourselves super lucky to do what we love, creating alternative wedding films for amazing couples, all day (almost) every day.

Kelly & Craig xx


  • I’m a crazy animal lover and love my fabulous furry and spiky babies!
  • I am slightly obsessed with anything purple, sparkly things (especially sparkly drinks).
  • I love films especially ones from all over the world and animations. Also a little (or a lot) in love with Game of Thrones & It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • I have recently started the alternative wedding blog crazylilweddings.com
  • I want to see the world and get super excited when travelling to new places!


  • I love filming stuff and being creative.
  • I have a slight obsession with spicy food and often add a wee touch of Franks Hot Sauce to just about anything I eat.
  • I am a total camera geek & love checking out all the latest gear.
  • I really like watching movies with Kelly, in fact years ago I’m pretty sure we kept our local Global Video in business.
  • One day I want to make a film or documentary, that’s the dream!


Apart from looking gorgeous, Dexter guards the YPod office with his assistants Nero and Ozzy while we are out filming and greets every guest with the all important sniff test. He also insists on having a nibble of our breakfast, lunch and dinner (safety checks he calls it – aye right!)


Nero the Ninja Cat uses his stealthy skills to sneak around the YPod office to make sure it’s safe and secure. He is so sneaky that we often find him hiding in a drawer or cupboard! Nero is also an expert in giving Kelly and Craig relaxing cuddles after a long day of filming weddings.


Little Oz Cat helps his big brother Nero guard the YPod office. He’s a little lazy so you will usually find him sunbathing by the window while Nero and Dexter do all the hard work. He’s a good looking boy and he knows it so you will also find him cuddling up to anyone to will say hello to him.


Meet Hovis the African Pygmy Hedgehog who took over from Dexter as the night shift security guard (we caught Dex sleeping on the job tut tut). When he is off duty, Hovis loves cuddles, sleeping on Kelly’s shoulder and stealing Nero & Ozzy’s secret treat supplies.