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Eleven Six Films was created by us (Kelly & Craig) in 2016 to capture and create awesome alternative wedding films in Scotland and beyond.

We have been filming awesome weddings for 4 years with Eleven Six’s sister company YPod Wedding Films (check YPod out if you fancy something a little more traditional).

So, why start a new company?

Our Eleven Six signature films are alternative, non traditional wedding films and very far from your standard wedding video.

We just felt it was right that they had their very own company and didn’t want our Eleven Six films getting confused with the more traditional style that YPod has.

Here is a little bit more about our wedding films and our style.

Eleven Six Alternative Wedding Films Glasgow - What we do

Our films capture the love, the laughs, the smiles, cute details, the emotions and the happy tears.

We bounce around weddings having an awesome time and filming what inspires us.

We get super excited to film all over the world to create awesome wedding films.

There might be some travel and/ or accommodation costs on but we will always keep them as low as possible.

Of course, we love capture wedding films in beautiful Scotland too.

We love alternative and unique weddings, wedding that are quirky, full of personal details, unconventional, non-traditional, DIY or even totally crazy (because we are a bit crazy ourselves)! Weddings that are a little out the box, alternative or different in any way are exactly the kind of weddings we want to be part of!

We believe your wedding should be a reflection of your love and personality and if that means it is totally off the wall and wacky then that’s perfect. There is absolutely no need to stick to tradition or do things “by the book” if you don’t want to. We have crazy fun filming weddings that are different than the norm. This could mean anything at all, it’s your wedding, make it about the things you love!

We like to capture moments from the background as we believe that we get the best footage when we are sort of hiding in the shadows.

We are always as discreet as possible so we can get the most natural shots and focus on all the little details that make your wedding unique to you and tell your story.

Our cameras are small and we use minimal equipment which makes it even easier for us to be as discreet as we can be.

Of course we aren’t invisible (I don’t think), and let’s be honest, you’d be a little worried if you booked and and then never saw us at all, but we definitely won’t be right in your face all day.

Our couples are always saying how they hardly noticed us all day.

This helps us move easily around to capture all the special moments without getting in the way or being too noticeable (guests sometime think we are photographers).

We are always looking to do things a little differently, learn new things and make our wedding films even better. We get super excited when we get a great shot or see some pretty light.

No two Eleven Six Films are the same. We tend to get in our little filming/ editing zone and will film and edit each film with our artistic vision in the way we feel tells your story. So we don’t guarantee any specific shots will be filmed or edited.

Our films are “highly edited” using awesome editing techniques, colour grading and film emulators to give an epic cinematic style.

The more you tell us about you and your wedding plans the more we can understand the atmosphere and style of you wedding and the more excited we get to film it.

We love to chat before and after your day about anything wedding related or just general chat. Know any good films or TV shows? Let us know!

It really is super important! We will always get back to you asap and are here to help with anything, we love to chat!

It sounds cheesy but we will love our job and will bounce around with happy faces on your day.

If we feel we haven’t got the shots we need and/ or see something that will look amazing we might steal you away to get a some cute couple shots (no cheesy posed stuff we promise).

Check out our FAQ page for more info.

All stills are hand picked by us from your wedding film. Just a little token from us, they don’t in any way replace your professional wedding photos.

Our films are delivered on a gorgeous wooden USB in a beautiful wooden presentation box with your printed film stills.

We will also send you a link to a private (password protected) online copy of your film. You can view it on almost any device with the internet like a smartphone, tablet, computer or a smart TV with a browser.

Check out our FAQ page for more info on our soundtracks.

We have professional business insurance including public liability, professional indemnity & equipment cover.

Eleven Six Alternative Wedding Films Glasgow - What we don't do

Instead we create short, cinematic wedding films that tells the story of your day. They are super engaging and emotional and show off highlights of your day in a way you will want to share and watch over and over again. No boring shots of Uncle Jim drinking a pint in our films haha.

It includes little snippets of film from your ceremony and speeches, but does not include them (or any other part of the day) in full.

Our package also includes a trailer (around 30-60 secs long) which is ready usually around a week after your wedding so you can see a little sneak peek of what’s to come.

Of course, we are there to film your day but you want to spend it with your new husband or wife without us getting in the way.

We will just do our ninja thing for most of the day.

We stick to a small numbers so we can really focus our time on making them perfect (we are self confessed perfectionists).

No rushed films here!

You get us both (Kelly and Craig).

It’s our business and we are super passionate about it so you will have both of us all day.

The only exception would be if we need backup because one of us is super ill or has an emergency (although this has never happened).

You can get in touch any time before of after your wedding.

We have a private page on our website which we will send you after your wedding. It has a queue of all the weddings in our editing queue so you can check the progress of your film.

It’s a old myth that photographers and film makers don’t get on, but we really enjoy working with photographers. It’s like making our team that little bit bigger.

We know some amazing photographers (and have been known to have a little dance off at some weddings with our photographers buddies). If you haven’t booked yours yet, we would be happy to recommend some awesome guys and gals.

Wow so that was a lot of info!

If you want to know more you can check out our FAQ page or our Package page.

Still have more questions about our wedding films or want to check if we are available on your date? Get in touch and we will try our best to help.