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You can find more information about our alternative wedding films here.

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If you have any questions that aren’t covered here or you would like any more info about anything, get it touch. We love to chat!


If you would love to book us for your wedding, click here and fill out our contact form with all the details for your wedding and we will check if we are available for you.

If we are free on your date we will e-mail you our booking form to fill in and give you the details of your booking free to secure your date.

Yes, yes, yes! We love to travel and will go anywhere in the world to film your wedding.

Depending on where you are getting married we might have some travel and/or accommodation charges, but we always try and keep these as low as we can.

Of course, we love to film in beautiful Scotland too.

We like to capture moments from the background as we believe that we get the best footage when we are sort of hiding in the shadows.

We are always as discreet as possible so we can get the most natural shots and focus on all the little details that make your wedding unique to you and tell your story.

Our cameras are small and we use minimal equipment which makes it even easier for us to be as discreet as we can be.

Of course we aren’t invisible (I don’t think), and let’s be honest, you’d be a little worried if you booked and and then never saw us at all, but we definitely won’t be right in your face all day.

Our couples are always saying how they hardly noticed us all day.

For most of your day we will film in a documentary style where we tell your story by capturing what is going on around us.

If we don’t feel like we have enough footage of you both together or we see something that will know will look amazing (like pretty light or a super cool location), we might steal you away for 5 – 10mins. Don’t worry we will never make you do any cheesy poses as that really isn’t us at all.

Most of the time we will tag along on your couple shoot with your photographer and get some sneaky shots of you together. It’s more the cute interaction moments between the photos we are looking for, we don’t want the exact same shots as the photographer is taking. If they have a very different style to us, such as very posed shots, then we will spend a bit of time with you ourselves (the photographer can come along too if they want).

Click here to visit our package page for all the info on your Eleven Six Alternative Wedding Film. If you have any questions just get in touch.

Your film will be exactly 11 min and 6 seconds long.
We believe this is the perfect length to show of all the important parts of your day and all the cute little details in an engaging way that you can share and watch over and over again without getting bored.

You will also have a little 30-60 second trailer which is usually ready within a week of your wedding.


Our films DO NOT include your ceremony, speeches, dancing or any other part of your day in full.

No two Eleven Six Films are the same. We tend to get in our little filming/ editing zone and will film and edit each film with our artistic vision in the way we feel tells your story. So we don’t guarantee any specific shots will be filmed or edited.

We each have a super small and light Sony camera (a7sii at the moment). They are mega discreet and let us run about easily without getting in the way. We also use an unmanned camera for a wide shot for some parts of your day and a small stabiliser for cinematic movement.

We will! We don’t hire employees and our Eleven Six Films Package has two film makers so you will always have both Kelly & Craig for your full day.

The only exception would be if one of us was super ill or had an emergency and we had to try and get a replacement (although this has never happened).

Your film will be delivered in the way it was filmed, in high definition both on USB and hosted online in a private, password protected link.

You can watch your online film on any device that has the internet such as smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs that have an internet browser.

Your online trailer will also be published on our Facebook and Instagram.

We got married on 11th June (11/06) so that’s where the very first idea for the name came from.

11 mins is the perfect length to show all of the important moments and cute little details but also keep a film engaging.

We went one step further and added on those 6 extra seconds to make our Eleven Six alternative wedding films that are exactly 11 mins and 6 seconds long! Pretty cool eh?

Once you have decided you want to go ahead and book us to film your wedding, we take a £200 booking fee to secure your date.

The rest of your balance is due 7 days before your wedding.

We take all payments via bank transfer.

We are here to create the most awesome, cinematic film possible for your day so we will always pick a soundtrack that goes best with your footage to tell your story.

We are happy for you to send some suggestions of songs you love for your film. Music can really make or break a film, so we will only use songs that we think will work.

The music for our trailers is all selected by us from music we can license for online use.

We don’t generally record audio throughout the day but, we give you the option of either a plugged or unplugged ceremony to record the audio from your vows.

We know some people don’t love hearing their voice recorded, so we give you the option if you would like us to record the audio from your vows to use in your film or not.

If you go for the plugged option we will usually record your vows via a small mic which we pop on the groom.

Wee Note: This must be decided before the day as if you pick unplugged, we won’t record the audio.

Get in touch and we will send you the prices for our alternative wedding films.

We have been filming weddings for 4 years, but as Eleven Six is still quite new we have some INCREDIBLE special offers for our first few bookings for early 2017.

This totally depends on how many films we have waiting to be edited at the time.

We have a private page on our website that we will send you after your wedding with a list of the weddings we have in our editing queue so you are always up to date and can check the progress of your film.

Your trailer will usually be ready within a week after your wedding, unless we are heading off on holiday or abroad to work straight after your day.

Officially our Eleven Six Film Package includes filming from your ceremony until your first dance, but don’t worry we aren’t too strict about this won’t be sitting there watching the clock.

We will arrive before your ceremony to get all set up and get any shots we see and if the party is jumping after your first dance we will stay and film the madness until we are happy with the shots we have (and maybe even join the party).

Pop over to our FILM and ABOUT US pages for more info or check our our PACKAGE page to see our Eleven Six alternative wedding film package.