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Howdy and welcome to the world of Eleven Six and our unique, alternative wedding films based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We are Kelly & Craig, husband and wife film making ninjas who have had the awesome pleasure of capturing wedding films in Scotland for the last four years.

Here you will find our cinematic, alternative wedding films which are emotional, engaging and galaxies away from your traditional, cheesy wedding videos with big clunky cameras and cringy music. Sound good? Fab, then you are in the right place!

We love alternative and unique weddings, wedding that are quirky, full of personal details, unconventional, non-traditional, DIY or even totally crazy (because we are a bit crazy ourselves)! Weddings that are a little outside the box, alternative or different in any way are exactly the kind of weddings we want to be part of!

Our films capture the love, the laughs, the smiles, the cute details, the emotions and the happy tears. We focus on the details that make your wedding unique. We tend to get in our little filming/editing zone and will film and edit each film with our artistic vision in the way we feel tells your story.

We live in the gorgeous land of Sunny Scotland which is a pretty damn awesome place to live. We love it, but also love traveling the world to capture and create our signature alternative wedding films.

We like to keep things simple using our discreet “ninja” filming style with minimal equipment and small, but very high quality, cameras.

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Eleven Six is our newest filming making venture so watch this space for more examples of our work. Since we are brand new (although we have been filming weddings for 4 years) we have a very limited INCREDIBLE introductory offer for some early 2017 weddings.

You can see a bit more ABOUT US, OUR FILMS and our signature Eleven Six alternative wedding film PACKAGE on our site.

To check if we are available or just for a chat check out our CONTACT page. We would love to hear from you.